Album Cover

Wishmaster is the third album by Nightwish, initially released in Finland on May 8th, 2000. It is the last full album to feature Sami Vänskä as the bassist before his dismissal in 2001.

The album was released on May 29th, 2000 in the rest of Europe under Drakkar Entertainment, and Century Media released the album in the United States on February 6th, 2001.

Track List Edit

# Track Title Runtime
1 She is My Sin 4:46
2 The Kinslayer 3:59
3 Come Cover Me 4:34
4 Wanderlust 4:50
5 Two For Tragedy 3:50
6 Wishmaster 4:24
7 Bare Grace Misery 3:39
8 Crownless 4:25
9 Deep Silent Complete 3:57
10 Dead Boy's Poem 6:47
11 FantasMic 8:17
12 Sleepwalker (Eurovision Version) 2:55

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