Floor Jansen

Floor Jansen (born February 21st, 1981) is a Dutch singer, songwriter, and vocal coach who is the third and current lead vocalist of Nightwish, being so since October 2013. She previously filled in for Anette Olzon as the band's lead singer for the remainder of the Imaginaerum World Tour when Olzon was dismissed from the band in October 2012.

Originating her career in Goirle in the Netherlands, Jansen was originally a vocalist for the Dutch symphonic metal band After Forever from 1997 until their disbandment in 2009. She formed the band ReVamp the same year, and released two albums with the band. ReVamp would eventually be disbanded in September 2016 because of Jansen's inability to devote time to two bands at the same time. She has also been a member and vocalist of the Dutch progressive metal band/side-project Star One since it's founding in 2002.

Albums with Nightwish Edit

Studio Albums Edit

Live Albums Edit

Other Albums Edit

With After Forever Edit

  • Prison of Desire (2000)
  • Decipher (2001)
  • Invisible Circles (2004)
  • Reimagine (2005)
  • After Forever (2007)

With ReVamp Edit

  • ReVamp (2010)
  • Wild Card (2013)

With Star One Edit

  • Space Metal (2002)
  • Live on Earth (live; 2003)
  • Victims of the Modern Age (2010)

With Ayreon Edit

  • 01011001 (2008)
  • The Source (2017)