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Endless Forms Most Beautiful is the eighth studio album by Nightwish, initially released on March 25th, 2015 in Japan—with a European release on March 27th, 2015 and an American release on March 31st, 2015. It is the first album to feature Dutch singer Floor Jansen as the lead vocalist and English wind player Troy Donockley as a full-time member. The album is also the first to not include drummer Jukka Nevalainen, who had taken a break from the band due to insomnia. Kai Hahto of Wintersun and Swallow the Sun filled in for him as drummer.

The album's focus on science and reasoning is a departure from Imaginaerum's imagination and fantasy-centric theme.

Track List Edit

# Track Name Runtime
1 Shudder Before the Beautiful 6:29
2 Weak Fantasy 5:24
3 Élan 4:47
4 Yours is an Empty Hope 5:39
5 Our Decades in the Sun 6:38
6 My Walden 4:39
7 Endless Forms Most Beautiful 5:08
8 Edema Ruh 5:15
9 Alpenglow 4:49
10 The Eyes of Sharbat Gula(Instrumental) 6:04
11 The Greatest Show on Earth
  1. Four Point Six (5:47)
  2. Life (5:05)
  3. The Toolmaker (6:22)
  4. The Understanding (3:00)
  5. Sea-Worn Driftwood (3:48)

Bonus Tracks Edit

The deluxe edition of the album as well as the 2-CD Earbook features instrumental versions of the songs above, while the 3-CD Earbook features the instrumental tracks as well as orchestral versions of the songs—except for My Walden and Edema Ruh.

Deluxe Edition and 2-CD Earbook Edit

# Track Name Runtime
1 Shudder Before the Beautiful(Instrumental) 6:20
2 Weak Fantasy(Instrumental) 5:25
3 Élan(Instrumental) 4:46
4 Yours is an Empty Hope(Instrumental) 5:39
5 Our Decades in the Sun(Instrumental) 6:39
6 My Walden(Instrumental) 4:38
7 Endless Forms Most Beautiful(Instrumental) 5:07
8 Edema Ruh(Instrumental) 5:16
9 Alpenglow(Instrumental) 4:49
10 The Eyes of Sharbat Gula(Instrumental) 6:04
11 The Greatest Show on Earth(Instrumental) 24:08

3-CD Earbook Edit

# Track Name Runtime
1 Shudder Before the Beautiful(Orchestrated) 5:40
2 Weak Fantasy(Orchestrated) 5:25
3 Élan(Orchestrated) 4:20
4 Yours is an Empty Hope(Orchestrated) 5:38
5 Our Decades in the Sun(Orchestrated) 6:37
6 Endless Forms Most Beautiful(Orchestrated) 5:09
7 Alpenglow(Orchestrated) 4:49
8 The Eyes of Sharbat Gula(Orchestrated) 6:04
9 The Greatest Show on Earth(Orchestrated) 23:36

Singles Edit

Three songs from this album have been released as singles.

Single Name Release Date
Élan February 13th, 2015
Endless Forms Most Beautiful May 8th, 2015
My Walden(Record Day exclusive) April 16th, 2016

Trivia Edit

  • At slightly over 24 minutes long, The Greatest Show on Earth is the longest Nightwish song to date.
  • The latter half of the album, with the exception of The Eyes of Sharbat Gula, was reportedly inspired by the works of Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins, with lyrics that cite passages from these works.
  • Dawkins was even a guest star on the album, lending his voice to the very beginning of Shudder Before the Beautiful and in The Greatest Show on Earth.

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