Dark Passion Play is the sixth album by Nightwish. It was released in 2007. It is the first album featuring Swedish singer Anette Olzon as the main vocalist. A collector's edition was also released, featuring a bonus track, Reach, an early demo of the song Amaranth with vocals by Marco Hietala. The collector's edition also featured a second disc with instrumental versions of the album's songs, except for Reach.

Track List Edit

# Track Title
1 The Poet and the Pendulum
2 Bye Bye Beautiful
3 Amaranth
4 Cadence of Her Last Breath
5 Master Passion Greed
6 Eva
7 Sahara
8 Whoever Brings the Night
9 For the Heart I Once Had
10 The Islander
11 Last of the Wilds
12 Seven Days to the Wolves
13 Meadows of Heaven
14 The Escapist (Bonus Track)

Dark Passion Play features the most personal songs written by Tuomas Holopainen yet. They mainly speak about his loss of Tarja.

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